• - Improving existing SMME standards
  • - Training tomorrow’s business-people
  • - Sheltering the vulnerable
  • - Educating youth
  • - Caring for the needy

The Tsebo foundation was established in honour of the Group’s 40th anniversary. It is a Section 21 not-for-profit company that serves the CSR efforts of the Tsebo Group.

Under the auspices of the Tsebo Foundation, numerous underprivileged causes are supported; from charities and care homes to supplier development programmes and wellness projects.

The foundation is supported by the Tsebo Group, but it is also open to clients and partners as a transparent outlet for coordinated CSI investments.

With a full-time CEO and support staff that operate on behalf of a nominated Board of Trustees, both from within and from outside of the Tsebo Group, we ensure effective management and channelling of funds, as well as a centralised reporting framework.

Our Focus – Tommorow’s Entrepreneurs. We specialise in  initiatives that enable people to support themselves, employ others, build community roots and create economic stability.