• - Improving existing SMME standards
  • - Training tomorrow’s business-people
  • - Sheltering the vulnerable
  • - Educating youth
  • - Caring for the needy

"Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice."
- (Nelson Mandela)

The Tsebo Foundation has numerous functioning projects nationwide, all focussed on the macro objective of creating opportunity for future success in rural communities.

Five ways to create opportunity and future success...

Sponsor a project:

The Tsebo Foundation is a transparent, fully audited vehicle for companies to channel their CSI spend. We provide full disclosure and real-time visibility of project progress and expenditure. Your sponsorships may be claimed back for BEE purposes.

Source a supplier:

Our enterprise development work is creating new SMME business that are learning to compete. By engaging one of our SMMEs as a supplier your spend may be claimed back for BEE purposes.

Donate directly:

All donations to our projects are tax deductible and may be claimed back for BEE purposes.

Employ young talent:

Our projects unearth a continuous stream of bright, energetic and ambitious young people. We seek nothing in return, all we ask is let us help you find the people you need.

Become a mentor:

We have an abundance of young people looking for wisdom, experience and learning. Giving time personally, or giving access to your business, will help them grow immensely.