• - Improving existing SMME standards
  • - Training tomorrow’s business-people
  • - Sheltering the vulnerable
  • - Educating youth
  • - Caring for the needy

"Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice."
- (Nelson Mandela)

The Tsebo Foundation has numerous functioning projects nationwide, all focussed on the macro objective of creating opportunity for future success in rural communities.

Four ways to create opportunity and future success...

Our objective is to do more than charity, to build our continents economic capacity.

To develop rural communities and entrepreneurs to become self-supporting competitive entities, using our business capability in hospitality and infrastructure services.

To provide skills to our youth through training and skill development initiatives and this contributing towards the reduction of unemployment.

While Tsebo Solutions Group is a company with a strong social conscience, our social investment programmes are not only driven by the desire to do the right thing, it is an integral part of the campany's sustainability strategy. By investing in and uplifting communities, we are building a society in which our clients, customers and our business can thrive thereby creating sustainable employment.

1. Sponsor a project
2. Donate directly
4. Nurture young talent
3. Educate young talent